Nos astuces beauté japonaise pour une peau parfaite

Toutes les femmes rêvent d’avoir une peau douce et éclatante. Alors, découvrez avec le magazine MIRO toutes nos astuces beauté japonaises !
22 February, 2022 — Koox Agency

Eye contour care: to overcome dark circles and puffiness

The eye contour treatment is the icing on the cake that will refine your facial treatment and crown the radiance that it gives to the skin. Because, we agree, good looks and dark circles (or bags) under the eyes are real enemies. Here's how to have a beautiful look!

01 February, 2022 — Jacques HU

Moisturizing face mask at home: moisturize the face at home at a low price

Applying a moisturizing face mask at home is already doable. No need to rush to a beautician to enjoy a moisturizing mask. Today we put more than one natural face mask in your hands. But not only!

01 February, 2022 — Jacques HU

Natural cosmetic products: find the 4 magic of Asian natural ingredients!

Natural treatments, yes, but why spend a fortune in beauty centers when you can do better? Why suffocate your skin with expensive chemicals? Natural cosmetics are the best deal to reconcile you with natural beauty and, who knows, for your mirror to confirm that you are the most beautiful!

01 February, 2022 — Jacques HU

Asian makeup products: do your makeup like a PRO!

Performing make-up like a professional make-up artist is not always easy. But all is not lost ! Asian makeup promises speed and ease for you to shine all day long. Concealer, eye makeup, foundation... Everything is there to overcome the most stubborn imperfections!

01 February, 2022 — Jacques HU

Make-up and beauty accessories: the essentials of any make-up bag

Makeup and beauty accessories are numerous and present everywhere. However, not all are of the same quality. To achieve a harmonious makeup without harming the health of the skin, you need professional brushes, a soft sponge, a hypoallergenic makeup remover, and many others!

01 February, 2022 — Jacques HU

Moisturizing serum for the face: find and preserve the radiance of your skin every day

In Asia, women pay particular attention to facial serum. And for good reason, it has a texture that allows better absorption by the skin. It hydrates it deeply, preserves its youth and stimulates cell repair. But how to choose your face serum? Explanations.

01 February, 2022 — Jacques HU
Nos conseils pour une Glass Skin de rêve !

Our advice for a dream Glass Skin!

Jealous of the luminous, plump and flawless skin of Korean women?

Here is a little guide full of advice and habits to have to take good care of your skin, you will see, it will thank you for it :)

- Glass skin? Never heard of...

07 December, 2021 — Nana B
Guide des meilleurs produits pour une peau éclatante et pleine de vie !

Guide to the best products for glowing, vibrant skin!

The cold, fatigue, stress,... all these elements affect your health but also the appearance of the skin, which becomes dull and damaged.

But don't panic!
The Miro team is here to guide you through the best products that will revive and give a boost to your skin, for a luminous complexion and regenerated.

15 April, 2021 — Nana B
La crème solaire, une étape de votre skincare à ne pas négliger !

Sunscreen, a step in your skincare that should not be overlooked!

You all know the importance of sunscreen, especially during a trip to the beach or to the mountains under a heavy summer sun. summer. Our parents told us all the time to be careful and to apply it well to avoid sunburn!

But did you know that it is also important to apply it regularly and even in winter?

24 October, 2020 — Nana B
Guide de la skincare du retardataire : rapide mais efficace !

The latecomer's guide to skincare: quick but effective!

Your alarm clock rings and you fall back asleep...before you realize you're late !

You take the first item of clothing that comes to hand before rushing to the bathroom, and you skip the skincare step because it's way too long...

17 September, 2020 — Nana B