Guide de la skincare du retardataire : rapide mais efficace !

Your alarm goes off and you immediately fall asleep again ... before realizing you're late! You grab the first item of clothing you can get before you rush into the bathroom, and you skip the skincare step because it's way too long. Obviously, your skin will make you regret this choice: dilated pores, tight and irritated, oily skin or small pimples that appear, it makes you see all the colors.

But do not panic ! Here you'll find the perfect guide to latecomer's skincare, to start the day on the right foot (well pretty much).

- First of all, why is it so important to perform this "ritual" morning and evening?

In the morning because your skin continues to produce sebum while you sleep, and your pillow is conducive to the deposit of dust and various particles. It is therefore necessary to clean all this when you wake up to allow optimal penetration of the products.

In the evening because throughout the day, your skin is confronted with certain aggressions: sun, pollution, fine particles, make-up, dehydration ... and even if your daily skincare nourishes and protects it, it is important to remove these impurities and give a boost to your skin.

Be careful, say it like that seems obvious, but it is important to remember that you should never sleep with your makeup on! Your skin needs to breathe and this film may suffocate it, dehydrate it and cause a whole series of problems that no one wants (acne, excessive production of sebum, dry patches, ...). So even if you come back from a long day (or evening!) You owe it to yourself to apply this guide to never have any unpleasant surprises.

- Let's get to the heart of the matter: the basics of a successful skincare!

A classic and complete ritual usually goes from 7 to 12 products (and even more). However, you don't really have time to apply all of these products if you are late, do you? In this case you need to rely on the essentials, the basics which are very important for good skin health.

The first mandatory step (skincare or not) is cleaning the face. There is no need to do a double cleaning here (do you have the time !?), a simple cleaner will suffice. However, be sure to choose the right one for your skin type, as a non-consistent product can have the opposite effect to what you expect. For example, avoid anti-sebum and purifier products if you have dry, sensitive skin (unless you like tight, dehydrated skin). Depending on the product, there are several application methods, be sure to respect them.

Once your face is clean (but wet) it must be dried, even this step that seems easy as pie is not to be taken lightly. Your skin should be treated well, it is an organ in its own right, so you should gently pat a clean towel until the water is absorbed. A dirty and damp towel may deposit germs and bacteria on the skin, one that is too old and rough may weaken it.The best solution is single-use towels specially designed for the face (soon on our site!)

In two minutes flat, your skin is ready to receive the products it so badly needs. But where to start? Toner of course! This step is crucial because it will allow you to remove the last residues and impurities (yes, there is always a little left), soothe the skin and restore its PH. As a reminder, too high a PH makes the skin oily and too low makes it too dry, which is why it is important to restore this balance. Again, the toners differ in effects and you will have to choose a suitable one. In general, they can be applied with a cotton ball or with the fingers. The cotton allows to exfoliate well while the fingers allow not to put too much strain on sensitive skin. There are different techniques to maximize the effects of a toner but hey, you are late so we will cover that in our next article as it is quite a long time to do.

For each product, it is advisable to tap with your fingertips after application to make them penetrate well.

So once the toner is applied (which will have taken you about 1 minute) comes the big star: the serum. The serum is essential because it is this product filled with active ingredients that will give you the desired effects: repair, radiance, hydration, anti acne, anti wrinkle, ... You must choose your serum according to the needs of your skin. Usually it is preferable to apply several or to combine them with one essence, but only one does the trick! Some serums take longer to penetrate than others, choosing a fast penetrating product will save you time!

Then comes the cream for the eye area, it is considered optional by many people but, on our side, we advise you to apply it systematically because it is a very fragile area that requires special attention. These products generally have similar effects: decongestion, lightening of dark circles, hydration and anti-wrinkle action. Application with the ring finger is optimal as this finger puts less pressure on the area than the others. Once again take the time (but not too much) to tap to make it penetrate.

By the time you finish this step, the serum will have had time to penetrate, so you can apply your moisturizer. Once again, be sure to choose a product suited to your skin type and which is quickly absorbed, especially if you want to apply makeup afterwards. Here no surprises, as for the serum, we apply with circular movements then we tap.

With fresh, glowing and hydrated skin, you are about to leave ... but not so fast! You forgot something, sun protection.

This last step is very often forgotten and wrongly, because rain, wind or snow, you must protect your skin from UV rays. This step is very important because these rays accelerate the aging of the skin and promote the appearance of spots and over-pigmentations. So for a preserved, radiant and flawless complexion, take care to apply your sunscreen. Be sure to use a product specifically designed for the face that holds well under makeup.

Here ! You are finally ready and your skin can only thank you :)

Finally, we remind you that a skincare is only effective if it is rigorously applied for a minimum of time (generally 30 days to see the first benefits). A healthy diet, rest and a healthy lifestyle also greatly contribute to the health of the skin!

Thanks for reading our article, but the best part is that you won't be late :)

Nana and JK

September 17, 2020 — Nana B

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