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Eye contour care: to overcome dark circles and puffiness

Eye contour care: to get rid of dark circles and puffiness

The eye contour treatment is the icing on the cake that will refine your facial treatment and crown the radiance it gives to the skin. Because, we agree, good looks and dark circles (or bags) under the eyes are real enemies. Here's how to have a beautiful look!

Good eye contour care is the secret to beautiful eyes

It's no secret! Indeed, everyone is able to decide your state of health by simply relying on your eyes. At least once in our life, we have all heard comments like: “You look too tired, do you have anemia? ”. While, paradoxically, we had a very good night's sleep and we are lucky to have a horse's health!

Combating dark circles and bags under the eyes is not Mission Impossible!

Yes, you read that right! The only good rule to follow is to choose the right eye contour products. In truth, there is another: to perform a gentle massage in the right direction, that is to say from the outside to the inside. There is nothing really rocket science… A few steps accompanied by regularity are enough to be one of those lucky ones who have mastered the art of Eye contact.

Integrate effective eye contour care into your skincare routine

The era we live in is an era of overload, stress, anxiety and impatience. We are sorely lacking in time, we struggle to find moments of inner peace. In fact, having products that can be applied quickly, safely and effectively is a real asset.

Miro Paris brings you eye contour care from Asia. The ingredients are natural and act differently on the area around your eyes. There are some that step in to brighten her complexion and highlight the shape of your eyes. Some are designed to moisturize and fight dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

An Asian concealer eye contour treatment with different shapes and formulas

Concealer creams, nourishing patches around the eyes, moisturizing sticks against wrinkles under the eyes... You'll be spoiled for choice. In any case, do not forget to gently massage the area around the eyes with the Miro Paris treatment you have chosen. The goal is to promote blood circulation at this level to maximize the absorption of the repair product applied.

Combine this care with good habits: healthy eating, sufficient and restorative sleep, sports activity and protection against UV and blue light from screens.

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