MOONSHOT - Cushion "Micro Settingfit EX"

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Here is the improved version of the Micro Settingfit Cushion!

Its new formula stays in place for 48 hours and effectively covers imperfections while giving your complexion a natural glow. Enriched with plant extracts, it helps the skin retain its hydration and provides a refreshing effect.

Triple anti-UV SPF50+, anti-wrinkle and lightening action. Contains more product than previous versions!

The cushion is made of Rubycell: soft, comfortable, antibacterial and provides perfect adhesion of the product. Its pointed angle makes it possible to reach the most complicated areas such as the corner of the eye or the wings of the nose.

Highly recommended for oily and combination skin.

Mode d'emploi

Avec le coussin fourni, appliquer du produit par petite quantité sur le visage en tapotant pour estomper, fixer avec un spray ou une poudre.