PURITO - All Care Recovery Cica-Aid

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Discover the PURITO - All Care Recovery Cica-Aid anti-pimple patches, specially designed to meet the cosmetic needs of the hectic life in Paris. These innovative patches, made from 100% vegan materials, are your ultimate allies for a perfect complexion, even in the heart of the city of light.

Thanks to their formula based on hydrocolloid and centella asiatica extract, these patches effectively absorb pus from pimples while protecting the wound, thus promoting rapid, mark-free healing. Each pack contains 51 thin patches in two different sizes, ensuring you have a solution to suit all your needs.

What sets these PURITO - All Care Recovery Cica-Aid pimple patches apart is their ability to soothe pimples as soon as they appear. They also help draw out pus and treat acne wounds after pimples break out, reducing the chances of unwanted scarring.

Their premium hydrocolloid ensures optimal absorption of wound fluids, creating a hydrating environment for fast and effective healing of acne wounds. So you can say goodbye to stubborn marks and welcome visibly smoother, more beautiful skin.

In addition to their benefits for the skin, these anti-pimple patches offer natural coverage to hide imperfections. Their fine edges, specially designed for better grip, guarantee a discreet and natural effect that blends perfectly with your complexion. The patches' semi-transparent material adds to that natural effect, allowing you to wear them with confidence throughout the day.

In addition to their exceptional performance, these PURITO - All Care Recovery Cica-Aid pimple patches are simple and hygienic to use. The cut line of the patch facilitates its removal, without risk of secondary contamination or wrinkles caused by the nails. In addition, their waterproof character is essential for the active life of Parisian women. Whether cleaning your face or moving around, these patches stay securely in place, giving you peace of mind and maximum efficiency.

Give your skin the fast treatment and breathing space it needs with these PURITO - All Care Recovery Cica-Aid pimple patches. They retain essential oxygen and hydration, preventing the wound from drying out and promoting an optimal healing process.

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Pour une utilisation facile, nettoyez soigneusement les zones affectées, puis appliquez simplement un patch sur le bouton ou la plaie. Profitez d'une peau saine, apaisée et éclatante, prête à affronter tous les défis de la vie parisienne avec confiance.


Hydrocolloid, Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiatic Acid

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