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Spot Patch "30 Days Miracle" [SOME BY MI]

€6,20 EUR

A small pimple in the middle of the face?

Don't panic! With these patches, you can quickly treat their appearance while camouflaging them, handy isn't it?

Enriched with hydrocolloid, an effective antibacterial agent against acne, they prevent infection of the pimple and prevent the appearance of scars, while covering it naturally.

Its semi-transparent, fine and waterproof texture protects the area durably, and allows the application of make-up over it for an invisible effect.

This sterilized 18-piece pack contains 9 small and 9 large patches to match the size of the area.

Tips for use:

On dry skin, apply a patch to the pimple, taking care to cover it well, then press gently to adhere. The patch turns white once the secretions have been absorbed, so it should be replaced (or every 8 hours).

Do not apply a patch over an oily product (cream, serum,...)

If you have difficulty removing it, moisten with lukewarm water then pull gently to avoid damaging the skin.

Origin: South Korea Google (Android 10)

Livraison sous 2 à 3 jours ouvrables partout en France.

Sur la peau sèche, appliquer un patch sur le bouton en prenant soin de bien le recouvrir puis presser doucement pour faire adhérer. Le patch devient blanc une fois que les sécrétions ont été absorbées, il faut alors le remplacer (ou bien toute les 8 heures).

Si vous rencontrez des difficultés à l'enlever, humidifier avec de l'eau tiède puis tirer doucement pour éviter d'abimer la peau.