WAKEMAKE - Palette de fards à paupières Soft Blurring

€33,90 EUR
Distributer Miro Paris

The Soft Blurring Eye Palette offers classic bold and muted color options for everyday makeup.

#01 Daily Blurring: Timeless, classic nude, brown colors perfect for everyday wear.
Soft, Bold Beige, Mist, Knitted, Woody, Breeze, Softly Deep, Brown Hues, Light, Earthy, Dark Sand, Day.

Fuzzy texture that glides smoothly over your eyelids.

Shipped within 24 hours

Delivery within 2 to 3 working days anywhere in France.


Appliquez la couleur la plus claire comme base, puis ajoutez les couleurs les plus foncées pour donner de la définition au regard.

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