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Miche Bloomin’ - Faux-cils Saeko Renewal 110 Glamorous Impact

€13,90 EUR


  • Long and voluminous faux lashes make your eyes look like you have super lengthy, natural-looking lashes.


  • The Saeko Renewal 110 Glamorous Impact falsies, featuring faux lash clusters in criss-cross style, are perfect for complimenting dramatic night-out looks.



    Livraison sous 2 à 3 jours ouvrables partout en France.

    Using tweezers or a hair puller, pinch the base of the false eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye, and gently remove them from the case so as not to damage the false eyelashes.
    Hold both ends of the false eyelashes and bend or stretch them about 10 times to make them easier to fit around your eyes.
    Cut the false eyelashes with scissors according to the width of your eyes and your desired eye area.
    Apply commercially available fake eyelash adhesive to the base of the false eyelashes so that it does not stick out.
    Place the false eyelashes on top of your eyelashes at the very edge of your eyelash line.
    Look downward and lightly press down on the center, inner corner, and outer corner of your eyes in order to blend them with your own eyelashes.
    How to remove the false eyelashes:
    Gently remove the false eyelashes from the outer corner of your eye, remove the adhesive from the base, and store in a case.