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Guide to the best products for glowing, vibrant skin!

Apr 15, 2021La Rédaction Miro

Cold, fatigue, stress,. all these elements affect your health but also the appearance of the skin, which becomes dull and damaged.

But don't panic!
The Miro team is here to guide you through the best products that will revive and give a boost to your skin, for a luminous and regenerated complexion.

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- What ingredients can help me?

Dull and tired skin especially needs to be nourished, hydrated and rested.

For this, favor nourishing and regenerating ingredients such as snail mucin, propolis and honey, which will help your skin rebuild itself little by little.

Moisturizing ingredients with a lifting effect such as Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen will help you regain plump, healthy looking skin.

Finally, ingredients such as niacinamide, vitamin C, white flower extractss and rice and galactomyces will bring radiance while having an antioxidant action, for a brighter and clearer skin.

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- Which products do you recommend?

For effective and successful skincare, we have selected a range of products that are nourishing, illuminating and gentle on the skin. It's up to you to choose the best product for you!

For cleaning,

a soft and moisturizing foam will be effective without putting too much strain on your already damaged skin:


Its formula enriched with Centella and its very light texture effectively cleanses the most sensitive skin without destroying its protective barrier


Enriched with rice extracts, it hydrates and revives the complexion's radiance while effectively cleansing

We strongly recommend that you remove make-up from your skin with an oil or balm, for a gentle pre-cleansing:


Enriched with rice and white flower extracts, it gently removes make-up and nourishes the skin for more vitality


This blend of vegetable oils removes make-up while adding radiance

For toner,

a regenerating and gentle lotion:


Enriched with snail mucin extracts, this miracle toner regenerates the skin while providing radiance, its anti-wrinkle and UV protection action preserves it for a long time


Enriched with propolis and honey extracts, it nourishes while reviving the skin's radiance


Enriched with rose extracts and galactomyces, it exfoliates and hydrates while providing radiance

For serum and essence,

a product that will restore radiance and reduce signs of fatigue:


Enriched with propolis and niacinamide, this little miracle nourishes and repairs while providing a glowing and fresh effect


Enriched with ginseng and snail mucin, it regenerates, lifts and nourishes for plumper, younger-looking skin


Enriched with propolis and vitamin c, it nourishes and revives the skin's radiance


Enriched with galactomyces and rose water, it hydrates, nourishes and refreshes while regulating sebum production


Enriched with a vitamin complex, it revitalizes the skin without irritating it


Enriched with snail mucin, it restores skin's elasticity while intensely nourishing and hydrating.

For the cream,

a nourishing and rich product:


Enriched with snail mucin, it regenerates and restores the skin's protective barrier while relieving irritation and erasing imperfections.


Hydrate and nourish with a minimum of ingredients to rest the skin.


Intensely hydrates and nourishes, blurs imperfections while bringing radiance and luminosity to the skin

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- The little extras that make the difference

The eye cream,

Often neglected, this step is nevertheless essential in order to preserve the delicate skin of this area.

For a fresh and awake look:

The peeling gel,

It will allow you to gently exfoliate your skin and unclog dead skin and other dirt that can make the complexion dull and less clear.

For a clear and radiant complexion,

The chemical exfoliant,

Often misunderstood, this product can work miracles if used correctly. Enriched with AHA and/or BHA acids, its application without rinsing will act by unclogging particles, dead skin, etc. deeper than the peeling gel. The skin is decongested and the complexion much more radiant after each use.

----> Use sparingly, once or twice a week and preferably in the evening.


To know everything about this must-have: Read this article!

The mask,

You probably guessed it, applying a mask once or twice a week helps the skin to regenerate and will provide it with various benefits depending on the ingredients present.

For luminous and nourished skin:


And voila, you now know which products and ingredients to turn to in order to regain radiant skin for this summer! But above all, remember to sleep well, stay hydrated and eat healthy :)


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