Damask Rose

Jul 30, 2023HU Jacques

Damask Rose: Understand, Use and Benefit from its Effects on the Skin

What is the Damask Rose?

The Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena) is a variety of rose particularly appreciated in perfumery and cosmetics for its delicate fragrance and its beneficial properties for the skin. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory compounds that help hydrate, soothe and revitalize the skin.

Use and Tips

Damask Rose is beneficial for all skin types, but is especially effective for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

For dry skin:Damask Rose oil is very hydrating and can help retain moisture in the skin, reducing dryness and flaking.

For sensitive skin:Damask Rose has soothing properties that can help reduce inflammation and redness associated with conditions such as rosacea.

For mature skin: Thanks to its antioxidant content, Damask Rose can help fight free radical damage and reduce the signs of skin aging.

Short, Medium and Long Term Effects

In the short term, applying Damask Rose products can help hydrate the skin and leave it feeling soft and supple.

In the medium term, with regular use, you can observe an improvement in the texture of the skin, a reduction in redness and a more soothed and balanced skin.

Long-term Damask Rose can help maintain youthful and healthy-looking skin, by fighting free radical damage and helping to prevent the signs of skin aging .

Damask Rose is a valuable natural ingredient that can provide many skin benefits. Regular use can help maintain healthy, soothed and hydrated skin.

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Jul 30, 2023
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