For perfectly shaped eyebrows, it's here!

Eyebrow gels, eyebrow mascaras, eyebrow pencils... Discover our essentials from Japan, South Korea and also Hong Kong for perfect eyebrows in the blink of an eye! Work on your look by drawing your eyebrow line with our MIRO Paris products and rediscover long-lasting eyebrow makeup!

Eyebrows? It's the icing on the cake, which will accentuate your look, embellish your expression. In a few simple and quick gestures, your look can be literally transformed. To make up your eyebrows is above all to be able to draw them, fill them in or color them. So here are some tips to enhance them: once the eyebrows are neat, brush them upwards then make the necessary corrections with the products of your choice. When the result is satisfactory, the brush is used again to fade the color and give the desired movement to the hairs. To fix everything, you can then apply a light coat of transparent mascara.