MIRO Skincare Routine

Jul 30, 2023HU Jacques

How to Organize Your Skincare Routine: Morning to Night

Morning Routine

  1. Cleanser: Start your day by cleansing your skin to remove oils and impurities that have accumulated overnight. Choose a gentle cleanser that respects your skin's moisture barrier.

  2. Toner: After cleaning, apply toner. It helps to rebalance the pH of your skin and to prepare your skin to absorb the following products.

  3. Ampoule: Ampoules are skincare concentrates that target specific skin concerns. Apply a few drops to your skin and pat gently to promote absorption.

  4. Essence:Essence is a moisturizing product that prepares your skin to better absorb subsequent products. Apply it to your skin with a gentle patting motion.

  5. Serum: Serum is more concentrated than essence and is designed to target specific skin concerns. Apply a few drops to your skin and pat gently to promote absorption.

  6. Day cream: Apply a day cream to hydrate and protect your skin throughout the day.

  7. Sunscreen:Always finish with sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage.

Night Routine

  1. Cleanser:It is essential to cleanse your skin at night to remove makeup, dirt and pollutants accumulated during the day.

  2. Toner: Apply a toner after cleansing to rebalance your skin's pH.

  3. Lightbulb: As with the morning routine, the lightbulb comes next. You can use the same as in the morning or choose a different one depending on your specific skin needs.

  4. Essence: Apply an essence to hydrate your skin and prepare for the next steps in your routine.

  5. Serum: Apply serum to target specific skin concerns.

  6. Mask (optional): Two or three times a week, you can choose to use a mask for more intensive care. Leave the mask on as directed, then remove and pat excess product onto your skin.

  7. Night Cream: Finish your night routine with a night cream. These creams are generally richer and designed to hydrate and repair the skin while you sleep.

It is important to note that the order of these steps may vary depending on your specific skin needs. Feel free to adapt this routine to your skin and its needs. By following these steps, your skin will be well hydrated, nourished and ready to face the challenges of the day and night.

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