Les sérums Beauty of Joseon

Les sérums Beauty of Joseon

Il est compréhensible que les gens soient si impatients de mettre la main sur les sérums Beauty of Joseon, mais avec toutes les options (il y en a quatre !),...
25 December, 2022 — La Rédaction Miro

Korean skincare secrets for a glowing complexion

Korean skincare secrets for a glowing complexion ‍ Image Source: Unsplash‍ Over the past few years, the Korean skincare method has caused a stir in the United States and around...
25 December, 2022 — La Rédaction Miro

Discovery of Asian cosmetics and K-Beauty

‍ If you are a cosmetics enthusiast, you may have heard of Asian cosmetics and K-Beauty. K-Beauty is actually a generic term to describe Asian cosmetics. This article explores the...
25 December, 2022 — La Rédaction Miro
C'est quoi la K-Beauty ?

What is K-Beauty?

K-beauty, or Korean beauty, has become a global phenomenon in recent years, with strong growth in the cosmetics market in many countries. But what exactly is K-beauty and why has...
20 December, 2022 — La Rédaction Miro
Nos conseils pour une Glass Skin de rêve !

Our advice for a dream Glass Skin!

Jealous of the luminous, plump and flawless skin of Korean women?

Here is a little guide full of advice and habits to have to take good care of your skin, you will see, it will thank you for it :)

- Glass skin? Never heard of...

07 December, 2021 — La Rédaction Miro
Guide des meilleurs produits pour une peau éclatante et pleine de vie !

Guide to the best products for glowing, vibrant skin!

The cold, fatigue, stress,... all these elements have an impact on your health but also on the appearance of the skin, which becomes dull and damaged.

But don't panic!
The Miro team is here to guide you through the best products that will revive and give your skin a boost, for a luminous complexion and regenerated.

15 April, 2021 — La Rédaction Miro
La crème solaire, une étape de votre skincare à ne pas négliger !

Sunscreen, a step in your skincare that should not be overlooked!

You all know the importance of sunscreen, especially during a trip to the beach or to the mountains under a heavy summer sun. summer. Our parents told us all the time to be careful and apply it well to avoid sunburn!

But did you know that it is also important to apply it regularly and even in winter?

24 October, 2020 — La Rédaction Miro
Guide de la skincare du retardataire : rapide mais efficace !

The latecomer's guide to skincare: quick but effective!

Your alarm clock rings and you fall back asleep...before you realize you're late !

You take the first item of clothing that comes to hand before rushing to the bathroom, and you skip the skincare step because it's way too long...

17 September, 2020 — Nana B