Korean and Japanese facial scrubs

At every moment, day after day, minute after minute, our epidermis is renewed. Cells die and are immediately replaced by new cells. This process would be perfect if the dead cells did not remain attached to the surface of the epidermis. To get rid of it effectively, our skin needs a little boost. This is where cosmetics such as facial scrubs come into play! To have a healthy glow and a luminous complexion, Miro Paris offers a wide range of Korean and Japanese facial scrubs. The wish of all women is to have a healthy glow, a luminous complexion and clear and soft skin. Therefore, exfoliation is an ideal way to achieve this goal.

To have beautiful skin, our range of facial scrubs consists of peeling gel. It gently exfoliates the skin to regenerate it and give it a boost of radiance. Enriched with natural and non-irritating ingredients, this type of Asian face treatment effectively evacuates dead cells while revitalizing the skin. So to eliminate impurities inside the pores and help the skin maintain a clean state, look no further! Discover our selection of exfoliators from Korean and Japanese brands on sale at Miro Paris, your new Made in Asia cosmetics store. The Konjac sponge cleanses your skin and helps it absorb excess sebum. It also gently removes impurities from the skin while lightly exfoliating daily.